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PearlActive™ Low Peroxide Whitening Strips

PearlActive™ Low Peroxide Whitening Strips

Fast Action
Improved formula
Whiter teeth

Orax PearlActive's improved whitening formula is based on a very low Peroxide substance that is 100% safe for emaline. The professional oral engineering design fixate the strips to the teeth, providing more comfortable and effective home whitening system. Our new generation formula improves the colour and whitens teeth dramatically, through a unique active oxygen technology. The teeth whitening effect becomes visible just after the first use, but 14 days whitening cycle will make your teeth glare.

  • Very Low Hydrogen Peroxide Formula that is enamel-safe
  • 1 hour express professional results. 2 weeks course. Apply once a day for 1 hour
  • 14 easy to use whitening pouches, each with one upper and one lower strip
  • Fresh mint taste and no-slip grip that stays steel on teeth so you can talk and drink water while whitening teeth

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